Our Approach

Delivering to a promise

Our approach 

Simple, it’s all about matching the needs of our clients and candidates, whilst operating at all times with complete transparency and integrity.

We are a professional recruitment agency committed to the identification and matching of clients and candidates to employment opportunities.

We have specialist brands with dedicated and experienced Headhunters operating and exceeding the standard industry procedures.

Best Practice

We operate to a strict Code of Professional Practice that provides assurances for employers and jobseekers alike. We are fully compliant with all UK and EU legislation and ensure that we operate Best Practice at all times.

Operating Ethically

At MET Recruitment we have fair and honest terms of business, actively promote diversity and equal opportunities and respect the confidentiality of all people we deal with as clients and candidates alike.

Quite simply we treat everybody as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

Our Staff

All of our consultants are experienced recruitment professionals that undergo thorough and regular on-going training to industry standards. Their experience and knowledge of their respective sectors ensures they can offer both clients and candidates a true consultancy service. Each of our Consultants operate in a specific vertical and as a result take their time to fully understand your business, culture and development plans in order to deliver the expected results.

Our Methodology

We do not apply any ‘one size fits all’ or indeed the ‘throw as much mud as possible and see what sticks’ approaches to Recruitment.  We are specialist Headhunters in our own brand and after consultation provide the following client services:

Retained Searches

We develop a hands on relationship with your company for a specific period of time to conduct a thorough search. As we specialise in placing upper-level management and positions where qualifications, both professional and personality-wise, are higher we invest valuable time into making sure to align the culture, values, and purpose of the client with that of the candidate.

Due to the depth of work involved – the overall cost of the assignment is typically paid for in 3 stages – 1/3 upfront, 1/3 upon CV presentation and the final 1/3 upon successful placement.

Extraction Searches

Sometimes you know exactly who you want – by name – and need a dedicated Head Hunter to represent your company in a professional manner and go about making the respective introductions to complete the hiring process. We carry out this assignment typically at a much reduced fee depending on the commercial and reputational risk involved for all parties

Managed Advertising Campaigns

Targeted and specific advertising campaigns are a great method of attracting the right level of potential candidate from the outset.  We can advise on exactly how to structure a campaign across all relevant media.

We can run adverts confidentially or with your own branding and manage the response appropriately – only presenting to you suitable candidates that have already been screened and vetted to meet your requirements.

Exclusive Contingent Searches

By giving us exclusive access to a specific vacancy, for a guaranteed period of time, we agree by way of a dedicated service level agreement to allocate exclusive resource to ensure that we research and resource suitable talent in order to complete a successful contingent search assignment.

Contingent Searches

A contingent search is carried out with no upfront commitment on your behalf other than to be fully cooperative throughout the process. This “No win, no fee” search solution is hassle free and allows us to operate quickly in competition to identify the most suitable candidates in a timely fashion from developed market relationships and our own database.

Salary Benchmarking

We talk to individuals all day every day and as a result are able to garner key information on market movements and salary expectations in their respective industries and roles. We are able to utilise this data, in line with all current regulations, to present specific reports on the industry as a whole as well as data uniquely relevant to your own business to help you map out the best payment structure for your employees.