It’s Snow Joke!

Avoid the risk when the weather is brisk!

Basic Motor maintenance.

Motorists who fail to complete safety checks and basic maintenance on their vehicle during the cold period could face devastating consequences. Lots of changes can occur to your vehicle during the winter months and it’s important to know when to check what.

More than a third of drivers in a study only checked their oil levels on average every two months. Vehicles low on oil can cause dangerous and costly damage to engines.

With a further 37% of drivers checking their tyre tread only once every 12 months they are putting themselves and their loved ones at a massive risk in cold conditions.

Think that’s bad? Nearly a third of car owners wait until their windscreen wipers completely break before changing them!

Even though there aren’t written rules of how often these things should be checked far too many people are leaving their journeys to chance and hope the freezing weather won’t cause their car to fail.

Here’s a link to visit how often basics checks should be done on your vehicle.

Stay safe during this sudden cold snap everybody!