Revealed – The UK’s ‘golden triangle’ of AI jobs

London, Cambridge and Reading have emerged as the top UK hotspots for jobs in the Artificial Intelligence industry, according to research from Glassdoor.

The researchers dubbed the three locations the ‘Golden Triangle’, finding 120 jobs (or 70% of all the UK’s available AI jobs) across the three cities open to British job hunters. Overall, London was found to have 49% of the UK’s AI jobs, Cambridge had 17% and Reading had four per cent.

The most common AI job open today is AI software engineer, making up 24% of UK AI online job openings, with a median base salary of £45,752. This role is followed by AI data scientist (14%) at £47,443, AI research scientist (eight per cent) at £35,837, and AI software developer (four per cent) at £36,469.

Some of the available roles are surprising, such as creative writers whose role it would be to develop the personality for an AI personal assistant bot, as well as clinical fellowships for doctors working with AI in hospitals.

“AI and deep learning will soon provide the key to unlocking the UK’s productivity gap,” says Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s Chief Economist. “However, widespread adoption of AI has a long way to go, with our analysis revealing that AI jobs are in fact a small but growing part of the current workforce.

“Machines certainly won’t be taking your job anytime soon. We’re now seeing workers team up with AI, using it as a tool to be more productive by taking away some of the low-value aspects of a role. Workers across all sectors should realise they will more likely collaborate with AI than be replaced by it.”

Top AI Jobs Open in the United Kingdom

Occupation (Job Category) Open AI Jobs on Glassdoor in the UK Percentage Estimated Median Base Pay (Per Year)
AI Software Engineer 29 24% £45,752
AI Data Scientist 17 14% £47,443
AI Research Scientist 10 8% £35,837
AI Software Developer 5 4% £36,469
AI Strategy Consultant 5 4% £44,629
AI Solutions Architect 4 3% £59,786
AI Software Engineering Manager 4 3% £61,368
AI Quantitative Researcher 4 3% £41,741
AI Data Engineer 4 3% £39,914
AI Research Engineer 3 3% £40,623
AI Product Manager 3 3% £56,818
HR Recruiter for AI 3 3% £38,075
AI Technical Writer 2 2% £33,751
AI Technical Consultant 2 2% £49,749
AI Scientific Advisor 2 2% £30,888
AI Game Programmer 2 2% £41,128
AI Business Analyst 2 2% £47,536
AI Technology Engineer 1 1% £38,075
AI Technology Consultant 1 1% £56,173
AI Technical Project Manager 1 1% £46,550
Total 120 £44,968



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